Monday, August 9, 2010

What a weekend; One Year was 8-8-09

I will be giving you all a full update tomorrow.. mostly I spent the weekend drunk.

Justin is seeing other people.
{big girls.}

here is a recent recap of a conversation;

you say you upgraded. i say you upsized.
you say you never wanted children. i say she has two.
you say you can do better than me.
i say i am already by having left you & not going back.

I am so tired of the phone calls. The wanting to get back together.
Just leave me alone.
I smile when you aren't around. I smile until I talk to you.

{& it has not one thing to do with you. sucks don't it.}


  1. Keep Smiling girl... You deserve it... Smile

  2. I'm finally up to date. Found the blog..newest up.

    Hang tight girl! I have a feeling this is only the beginning of a very long ride! Money issues suck! Hopefully you can find a renter or you have family that will help you out. Keep doing what you're doing and focus on work and school. THe other pieces will fall together eventually.